Lady Dan- I Am The Prophet (Track Review)

Written by Grayson Jones

Here's the irony– Lady Dan really isn’t a miracle worker, she just plays the role well.

On her most recent release, ‘I am the Prophet,’ Lady Dan takes an interesting approach to an insecure attachment from a man. While giving unconditional love, Lady Dan was taken for granted. The same person came back to her and searched for comfort and while listening intently, I think that’s where this song is coming from.

You weren't busy when you were sleeping on my heart.” Clearly, Lady Dan has no remorse. She even goes on to joke at this guy, like he expects water to turn to wine. Sarcasm and humor may be an element in the lyrics, but it is not present in the instrumentation and vocals. This song is for those times when you’re in your feelings for sure.

I wouldn’t play this on a Friday night in the club (post-pandemic), but I can see someone playing this on Friday night in the tub. I think the droning vocal delivery and sluggish tempo makes for a good atmosphere when talking about a significant other trying to suck the life out of you– expecting you to turn water into wine yet again for his sorry ass. ”I am the prophet turning water into wine.” A principle was set in this single.

Check out I am The Prophet, out now!

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