Lambo59 (SwanoDown Report)

Reported by Chris Yangello 

Up and coming artists have turned the music industry upside down. We live in a world where any artist can explode over night. Whether it be through the use of SoundCloud, YouTube, Instagram, or any other social media platform, the potential to grow is limitless. So many artists have had exponential growth right in front of our eyes. From rappers such as Iann Dior to 24kGolden, the past few years have been incredible in terms of artist development. Finding hidden gems such as Iann Dior or 24kGolden can be difficult, but definitely not impossible. While it might take a little bit of looking, the right musicians are just a few clever clicks away.

One of these artists, who has been slowly but steadily on the rise is Lambo59. Lambo59 is an upcoming artist working in Oklahoma City, Atlanta, and California. Recently, Lambo59 dropped a track titled “CRY 4 ME” with an accompanying music video. Upon listening to the track for the first time, I felt the sheer emotion overwhelm me. It’s tough to describe the way certain artists grasp a hold on your inner emotions, especially the way that Lambo59 has done. You vicariously feel the agonizing, but sadly inevitable pain of losing someone you love.

CRY 4 ME, which has amassed almost 8,000 views on YouTube alone, displays Lambo59’s deep, talented vocals over a mildly upbeat melody. The combination of both of these factors creates a piece that will be stuck in your head for no less than an entire week. If you don’t believe me, you should check out CRY 4 ME for yourself, I promise you won’t be disappointed. If you'd like to follow along with Lambo59 and everything that he’s been up to, be sure to check out his social media pages, especially his Spotify page so you can listen to all of his great tracks in the convenience of one place!

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