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Laughter is a physical response in humans, typically consisting of rhythmic, audible contractions of the diaphragm commonly culminating in hee-hee or ha-ha. Like many of us we rarely think twice about what laughter does for us, but the Laughing Lovebugs are using their passion to share the benefits of Laughter Yoga with the world.

What Is Laughter Yoga?

You might be wondering, what is Laughter Yoga? Laughter Yoga is a western practice requiring voluntary laughter. This form of yoga is based on the notion that intentional laughter has the same physiological and psychological effects as involuntary laughter. It is typically performed in groups with eye contact and a lot of quirkiness between both the participants and instructors. These benefits range from mental to physical stress relief.

The duo, Lauren and Alik Colbert are the sole proprietors of the Laughing Lovebugs.

About The Laughing Lovebugs

The Laughing Lovebugs LLC became into existence in April, 2018; since then, they sought to change the world through sharing the benefits and practice of laughter yoga. 

 Later expounding on their goals as, “To add value to as many lives as we possibly can via the gift of laughter, to travel and partner with businesses all across the world and eventually practice Laughter Yoga full time, to inform and spread the health benefits of Laughter Yoga with the world and to build a franchise to train others to become Laughter Yoga Leaders like us.” 

The Laughing Lovebugs provide a safe and supportive space for their clients to process life’s challenges.

More than the pioneers of Laughter Yoga, they are philanthropists and ordained multi-denominational ministers and these roles continue to expand with their influence. The pair continued to state, “We love to travel abroad. We love art and music. We love spending time outdoors interacting and observing nature. We love going to different restaurants, we are foodies. We are also ordained multi denominational ministers that welcome individuals of all backgrounds and belief systems.” 

Lauren also enjoys commercial print modeling. She is inspired by a holistic lifestyle and is always looking for new ways improve the well-being of herself and others. She enjoys learning new ways to improve her quality of life. Alik enjoys creating edible garden landscapes and carpentry. His creativity is inspired by his surroundings. He has a passion for acquiring knowledge. The Laughing Lovebugs can be seen as living embodiments of the holistic dream. Their life achievements and crafts continuously display their eccentric lifestyle. Both Alik and Lauren intend to use their lifestyle and platform to encourage others to love themselves and those that are different.

They continued to state, “Our philanthropic ventures include donating our time for personal counsel to members within our community. We also donate laughter yoga sessions to the elderly, sick, less fortunate and isolated. We LOVE to give to the forgotten people.”

Citing their favorite achievements when asked, they stated, “We instruct online Laughter Yoga classes  as a couple with a unique flow. We have exposed 98 percent of our customers to laughter yoga for the first time. We have successfully made progress in the trademark registration of our brand.”

The Challenges

Despite their success the Laughing Lovebugs have encountered their share of challenges as entrepreneurs. Everything from defeating pre-conceived notions of holistic practices and the general misconceptions of their message, they have proven to be resilient.

Describing these challenges as, “The one thing that people always misunderstand is that Laughter Yoga is not like the traditional yoga class. People come with mats and yoga clothing and although one can use it, it is not necessary. Also, people think that we are going to tell jokes or that they will be entertained. The name Laughter Yoga throws people off into thinking that it is not a meaningful exercise routine. Some brand misunderstandings are associating our brand with ladybugs or mistaking our brand name for “Laughing LadyBugs.”

Among those challenges the Laughing Lovebugs present a new learning dynamic that sets them apart from other Laughter Yoga Instructors; They teach every class as a couple! They expounded, “We started our brand from scratch without any examples on how to hold sessions as a couple, how to make it cohesive and enjoyable. We didn’t have any layout on how to hold a session together.”

But in true Laughing Lovebugs fashion they created a session that is interactive and functional, giving us equal tastes of both their unique personalities.

The Laughing Lovebugs’ fascination with holistic mental and physical wellness aligns with their passion for filling the world with positivity. These aspirations grew under the mentorship of prominent members of the Laughter Yoga community such as Joan Castellano, a certified Laughter Yoga Teacher/Trainer and Dr Madan Kataria who is the founder of Laughter Yoga. Like these great individuals, they believe in contributing to the world though philanthropy and Laughter Yoga. Their long-term goal is to become world recognized Laughter Yoga Instructors and Holistic Living advocates. This couple wants to use their untiring commitment to bring more dignity and autonomy to victims of inequality and poverty through healthier living. With their platform and influence, they intend to broaden and intensify the national efforts to promote Laughter Yoga and other holistic practices, all geared towards the betterment of individuals in all community types. 

There is more in-store from the Laughing Lovebugs apart from their love of Laughter Yoga and upbeat energy. In an interview they teased new content and products.

“Yes, we plan on presenting an app, merchandise, apparel, bobble head dolls, mugs, beverages and water bottles.”

The world needs more individuals like Lauren and Alik Colbert, the Laughing Lovebugs, individuals that respect and devote themselves to their passions. Thankfully, that passion is to make the world healthier and happier.

With their ability to surprise we doubt that this will be the last time we hear from them or the last time that you would want to. So head over to their website,, and book your session today and witness this dynamic duo in action. See what Laughter Yoga can do for you!


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