Leah Rye- All I got (Track Review)

Written by Miles Monroe II 

Falling in love and falling apart coincide with one another. It’s a deep rooted, feeling that requires a decision made.. sticking with it or knowing when to jump ship. 

For some, it’s hard as hell to let go of a person you once saw a life with. On Leah Rye’s latest effort, All I Got, she experiences some of the same battles that occur when there’s every reason to leave and somehow choose to stay.

The sound is thunderous, switching pace, once Leah starts to get to the nitty gritty of her feelings. 

She states:

“What is this lonely fight I’m facing

You know I don’t believe a word you say”

"All I Got," amps up the audience and exposes the pain, coming from her voice. We start to gather the pieces as to why the relationship wasn’t working. While we peel back these layers, it’s clear that she is gathering all the strength she can, but it’s a struggle.

Leah seems to be speaking about internal struggle, in regards to doing what’s right for both parties. It’s reminiscent of early Adele, and I think that’s why it has that purified sound of soul/pop/R&B, especially considering the content she gives on the song. 

Take a listen to Leah Rye’s new single, All I Got, on all streaming platforms: 


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