Leila Miki- Gratitude Meditation (Track Review)

Written by Grayson Jones

Every morning I spend a few minutes being mindful. Giving my undivided attention to what is going on around me, I notice the little things that I pass on throughout the week. Living life on auto-pilot can desensitize us. Today, I felt like I really connected with Leila Miki on her acoustic classic. Gratitude Meditation is exactly what it advertises.

This piano piece is something from out of a movie. Nothing dynamically sharp or jarring, only thick deep chords layering over themselves. The aura around the song fits well with what it sounds like when meditating. There is occasional openness in Leila’s playing that leaves space for thought. I also like how the melody over top of the chords never takes abrupt turns. Every note trickles up and down it’s respective scale. In other words, the style played is meant to be peaceful and harmonic. These reflective ideas passing over the ivory keys leave room for curiosity.

Leila Miki makes insightful music. This track is perfect for calming down, relaxing, waking up, and even some dance.  Listening to Gratitude Meditation puts me in a place of salvation. Only for a moment am I brought back to the reality of the work day. Thank you Leila for this brief moment of tranquility. 

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