Let it Burn: In Black and White (Video Critiques)

Written by Lucas "Lukey Lenz" Ballard 

There are few things more memorable than a strong bassline. Stephanie Oliver (vocals), Henry Aberson (drums), Tye Slagle (guitar), and Edwin Canito Garcia (bass) teamed up to bring you to an elegant nightclub, full of black suit jackets and high stilettos. Let it Burn is a smooth and well choreographed track that really makes you want to reminisce. Stephanie’s vocals tell us the story of learning as she is seen as “too young”. She has incredible range and keeps you locked into the story by using vocabulary that makes you want to keep listening to decipher a deeper meaning. In this song it sounds like this person has lived a lot of different lives, full of love, conflict, and acceptance. The mystery in this song is what intrigues me most, as I feel as though the character she speaks of has a lot to offer, but also a lot to learn. But that is a defining aspect of life- is it not?

The entirety of the music video is encased in noir. Black, white, and grey tones coat the aesthetic of the imagery and add to the mystery I spoke of in the lyrics. There is something about black and white that truly allows you to focus on the details meant to be presented. Light shines brighter, darks are darker, and something about those facial expressions. This was a good choice as to not tend too much to the colors, but to focus on what is really happening and what story is being told. This combination of song and visuals will stick with me for some time. See for yourself and go check out Oliver and Aberson’s single “Let it Burn” on all streaming platforms.

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