lifeofbreezy: EWAY [SwanoDown Report]

Written by Imani Wj Wright

Yes sir. Yes sir. Yes sir.

Studies show that the average speed on an expressway is 65-80 miles per hour. I'm not saying that's an incredibly lightning speed (Race cars  tend to go 200+ mph), but it surely isn't cruising through the neighborhood. 

On lifeofbreezy's track, "EWAY", the speed and swiftness of the cut cannot be missed. It gets started with a classic sample, ramping you up for the moment. As the drums start to hit, breezy's verse is off the the races. For just a tad bit under a minute, lifeofbreezy gives us some slick and confident delivery. His inflection on his ending lines, and even his ability to slow down his pace among a swiftly moving instrumental is impressive. It has a dope replay value, iI found myself running it back several times. It's damn near like watching a top tier track meet. If you blink, you'll miss it.

As breezy builds his catalog, we look forward to seeing his growth and diversity as an artist.

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