Lily Rieke Marty- Come Call Me Love (Track Review)

Written by Miles Monroe II 

Sweet, Soothing, Calming...

Those are some of the many words I can use to describe Lily Rieke Marty’s performance on, Come Call Me Love. It’s lullaby-esque style carries a weight of emotion that most love songs tend to miss, especially for newer acts. And although the lyrics are murky, the tone that she uses conveys her message more than anything. Checking her Instagram post, this song was actually freestyled, which makes it more satisfying to hear- it’s from the heart.

She melodically opens the track, syncing with guitar and setting the tone for the audience. Similar to artists such as Kid Cudi, who embraces his harmonic hums that we all love to hear, Lily embarks on the same path with, Come Call Me Love. She details the proverbial back and forth in a relationship, falling in and out of favor with her significant other. I’m conflicted because even though I enjoyed this song, I feel that the reverb on the vocals take away from the lyrics, making it difficult to understand at certain points of the song. Nonetheless, this doesn’t affect how I feel about this song being pleasing to the ear. She is already a dope artist and will continue to grow; her potential is limitless. 

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