Limited Edition Hand Drawn NFT Collection Akee Bears Minting Soon (Report)

For those looking for a truly unique NFT to add to their collection, Akee Bears is sure to generate some interest. This NFT collection is limited to only 100 examples, all of which are completely hand drawn by the creator Thanakee. The collection is expected to mint soon with sales on the secondary market to follow closely thereafter.

Sneak peek of some of the bears:


100 Unique Bears Available 

Unlike many other NFT collections which are AI generated with random attributes, each Akee Bear NFT is completely unique with different styles, colors and traits. Since the collection will be limited to just 100 NFTs, demand is expected to be extreme.


The roadmap for Akee Bears includes many opportunities for Akee Bear owners to generate continued revenue from their NFT. This includes the commercial ownership and uses of rights at 15% of mint sales. At the 40% sales mark, three Akee Bear NFTs will be given away to current owners. Early access to the official Akee Bears shop will be released at the 80% sales mark. Finally, when the original run of Akee Bears is complete, the collection will be extended with new NFT drops. 

Join the Akee Bears Community

To learn more about the approaching mint date for the Akee Bears NFT project, be sure to follow the official project Twitter feed: Also, you can get a sneak peak of the Akee Bears art and more information about the collection on the official Akee Bears website:


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