Linden Tyson (SwanoDown Report)

Reported by Miles Monroe II

Aiming to prove himself, Linden Tyson takes us back to his early musical beginnings on 99. From the perspective of a young Linden, we are able to understand more what makes him such a talented and unique artist. Lyrically, he doesn’t stray away from what he knows and that’s a lost art within new artists. They also stand out because of the energy he is putting into the universe.

I just wanna stop anybody from thinking of death

Based off this line alone, his mindset will take him places beyond Gwinnett County, his hometown. Linden is a very complex artist, with a voice that sounds like he traveled from the 90s to bring back that old school feel, but modernized. I can tell he has been a student of the game, from beat selection to choice of words. 99 was refreshing to hear since we are in the golden era of trap. The beat, while simple, allowed him to cook and have his intellect on full display. Linden Tyson is definitely an artist to check out and vibe with.

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