Lindsey Lomis- Feel (Acoustic) [Track Review]

Written by Miles Monroe II 

When the Acoustic version sounds just as great, if not better than the original, this lets the audience know how talented you are. We break down the song from the flashy studio version to the bare bone and essence of a song, creating an intimate setting between the listener and artist. Lindsey Lomis is a talent to behold, Feel (Acoustic) puts my mind at ease. The power in the lyrics are back in its rightful place, with the piano complimenting her voice that is made to tell these types of stories, especially at her age. She is only 17 and has the content that is relatable to people twice her age. It’s a gift to be able to speak about topics such as these, misguided trust and love for certain people that don’t reciprocate the same energy.

Being able to write a song about a love/hate relationship, you've had to have am experience or two for it to sound authentic. I hear the authenticity in Lindsey's voice as she expresses the hate inside the love she received. This was more of a showcase of her vocal ability, which I was very impressed with. I’ve only exposed myself to a few acoustic records; Feel will have your emotions in a turn cycle, singing along as you may realize what she is saying is something you’ve gone through. I definitely appreciated the quality of the song and the vulnerability she showcased on Feel. 

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