Liv Averie- After All (Track Review)

Written by Miles Monroe II 

It’s bad when the relationship is failing, it’s even worse when one is trying more than the other to keep the relationship afloat. Get into your feels with Liv Averie, on her latest effort, After All. 

I immediately understood the song and felt every word that was said. Love appears as fast as it can disappear. You can only rely on someone to reciprocate the same amount of love when they show it and go all in. If they aren’t willing to make the sacrifices, then it’s a waste of time.

Liv dives into various scenarios, wondering if her lover is willing to go the extra mile to preserve what they have. She goes down memory lane, hoping that same feeling is there, yet, her gut feeling is turning into a reality. Honestly, if those types of feelings fade away, who’s to say that they were there from the start? Love is a tricky game to play; you can get hurt against the wrong opponent. 

This is one of those songs to turn on when you’re packing his/her clothes and trying not to think about the hurt deep inside. After All, is a breakup piece that’s for the pained women who still continue to hold on to a failing relationship. It’s a wake up call to stop the hurt and start the healing.

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