Local Nomad- Summertime (Track Review)

Written by Imani Wj Wright 

If I had to reminisce, I'd say a lot of my fondest memories come from Christmas Eves, and Christmas Days with my family. The kids would put air in a blowup bed, sleepover at my grandparents' house, then wake up the next morning to a homemade buffet. Unforgettable times. A close second, would undoubtedly be my summer recollections. I'm sure most of us have that one summer we'll never forget. 

On "Summertime" by Local Nomad, we get a detailed taste of his past and present, even better..  learn a bit about his friends... to say the least.

The instrumentation is simultaneously playful and melodic. Nomad's vocal timbre is suited perfectly for the composition's atmosphere. His songwriting abilities are undeniable. His storytelling could accurately host several adjectives. Relatable, fun, and authentic are  a few words to describe his pen on this cut. 

Nomad leads us in with some background: "In my little town, grew up playing baseball. Was hoping that we can get, back on the field again." Right out the box (no pun intended), Nomad establishes his desire to play good ol' nostalgic Baseball game with his friends. On the surface, this may seem like a straightforward statement, though, it could symbolize an overarching yearn for comfort and stability.

Throughout the piece, he follows up, and lets us know why his wish may never be fulfilled. "Except that, Franky went to Maryland, Timmy's still in town... Mitch had cancer and survived, but Kyle not around... Pat made it to the minors while Michael's having kids. Matty's burning out, and well- Kevin's just a dick." Nomad sings. 

This is an outstanding display of work from Local Nomad, and we're looking forward to watching him progress. 

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