Logan Taylor- White Wolf (Track Review)

Written by Pat Moran

On “White Wolf,” jangling guitar canters like a jostling buckboard, as twanging strands of Spaghetti Western lead guitar coil like rising smoke. Gradually, Logan Taylor’s airy yet weathered vocals gain force like wind shaking the treetops.

“Run run the white wolf’s comin’/Run it’s comin’ for you/Run run damn it’s hungry”

Written a decade ago, while Taylor was navigating a tumultuous upbringing, “White Wolf” transcends the naiveté that plagues an artist’s early output by avoiding the obvious. The titular lupine terror is all the more frightening because it’s unknown and as inexorable as the onrushing wind embodied by Taylor’s vocals.

With a rocking Americana crunch, and corkscrewing quicksilver bluegrass-style instrumentation, the track evokes a spooky “Ghost Riders in the Sky” vibe.  

It’s a shivery back country delight.  

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