Lola Ann Clark (SwanoDown Report)

Reported by Imani Wj Wright 

Step back, take a moment, and do some thinking

What qualities do some of your idols withhold in your eyes? Intelligence? Talent? Success? Let's say "success" is one of the adjectives that seems to populate the most. Well, even though we see our idols at the top, they most likely had a heavy and steep climb to get there. So what is one of the keys to safely reaching that zenith? Positioning. Symbolically, you must know where that next rock is, you have to know where your largest step will be, you have to know the next obstacle ahead. Because if you don't- you may fall.

So, when we see artists like Lola Ann Clark, you garner a great level of respect and inspiration from her rigor and work ethic within her craft. Clark, at the age of 1 has been able to amass over 1.1 million followers on the viral app, TikTok, with her vibrant personality and undoubted charisma. One may feel that being in a position with so much influence and draw would be satisfactory. Though, when you have a drive like Clark does, you don't just "settle," especially when you know your ambitions expand further than those around you can see. 

Clark marks her true passion as being singing, and has slowly been releasing music via YouTube and Soundcloud. But, the song she plans to have a full roll out for is titled So Good, and SwanoDown has a sneak peek of it before its February 1st release date. 

"So good, so good. If I would let you, you would." 

First and foremost, once you listen to the fist 30 seconds of this piece, it is abundantly clear that Clark is built for the music game. Every intangible that you want in a rising artist is here. Confidence? She got it. An understanding of melody? Yes. Dope storytelling? Check. Check. Check. The instrumentation is smooth, the engineering is clean, and Lola even gives us an Alicia Keys interpolation. All in all, this piece has the potential to be a fan favorite. 

Clark told SwanoDown:

"When writing a new song, I think about how it can relate to me and my audience because.. creating music for myself is awesome, but you always have to think about the audience. So when creating music, I like to put my stories and messages in a catchy way so that my audience can still understand but also enjoy the music."

Lola Ann Clark's career was already off to a bright start, now it might be damn near blinding. Looking forward to her growth, it's inevitable.

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