Londin Thompson- People Change (Track Review)


Written by Grayson Jones

“Sometimes people change, well don’t they?” Moving at a pace like life, is Londin Thompson, a Cleveland Singer-songwriter with a similar story but a dashing finish. The song under review is People change, and I must say lyrically, it's something I have heard before. A story designed to reminisce on the times that made one fall in love with that significant other. The bitter pill to swallow when accepting the person you learned to like, isn't how they used to be, can be tough. 

I find it more difficult to make a song about it that is personal yet relatable. 

Londin’s vocal pattern throughout her verses remind me of a calmer version of Ride by 21 Pilots. The pitch intervals are very pleasing to the ear, in a way, they help me hang on to certain words. Instrumentally, the piece belongs in a movie somewhere. The atmosphere settles in two different realms, in the hook and in the verses. Each of these parts complement Londin and provide clarity to her message. There are elements in this song that I cannot go over because putting it in words wouldn't do it justice. Listen to People Change by Londin Thompson– see for yourself.

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