Lotus Maat- Just Talk (Track Review)

Written by Miles Monroe II 

This might be one of the coldest explanation songs I’ve heard in awhile. Those dreaded words, We Need To Talk, sheds chills through anybody’s spines after being told that. Immediately thinking the worst, we start to panic and go into our memory bank to assess the damage. 

Overreacting? Maybe. 

To even be put in this precarious position is enough to get our hearts pumping faster than usual and palms sweatier than they usually are. Just Talk by Lotus Maat is reflective on how relationships often overachieve and that there may be no next level to the relationship.

Her choice of words reflect that she isn’t new to, The Talk. Lotus' lyrical pattern is conversational, walking the audience through how uncomfortable the situation is as the initiator. Just Talk is Lotus’ first single of 2020 and continues the trend of her run of singles from 2019. This time, she lets it be known that some relationships can be capped. Being romantically involved with anyone can blur the lines when they weren’t clear from the start. That’s why it is better to have these big talks to get everything out in the open so that any weird energy can be addressed and handled like adults.

We all grow up and handle certain situations how we are accustomed to. Lotus shows us the mature way to slow things down with someone who we may view as a step below girlfriend/boyfriend. Being just a friend isn’t all bad, especially when you’re young. 

Take a listen:



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