Lou Berry x Gracy Hopkins x LYNN- Dreamers (Track Review)

Written by Grayson Jones 

I take a moment from being so over-analytical in this song review to be taken on a psychedelic adventure through the ears with you all. The casters of this spell go by the names of Lou Berry, Gracy Hopkins, and LYNN. The production of sounds blend in a manner that overlap ideas. Head rolling music is the term I would like to use for the atmosphere that accurately represents a dream. Each instrument takes its own gear to move the whole piece in unison. Gracy breaks the trance with a spoken word type of flow, which can be just as enticing as the composition. Taking the harder route, Gracy captures their listeners with his word choice and informative masculinity. The delivery from his section is a break in time to bring focus to the song lyrically. As if the song is not illusive enough, LYNN takes the hook and sends us on a trip. 

There is no other word in my mind to describe her role other than 'effervescent.' She may not be so enthusiastic but her part is used as a refreshing breath of air verse to verse. These France-based artists have created something special here. With each of their talents, if you did not like this song all too much you get  something different from each of their individual music. Such a diverse group of musicians is appreciated. Check out Dreamers, out now. 

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