Lowe & GIOIA- Sugar Rush

Written by Miles Monroe II

It doesn't take much to understand the concept of the song, but Sugar Rush gives you a different perspective of having an uncontrollable addiction to one person. Lowe and Gioia’s brand new single details how strong a person can have a hold on you once the attraction is there. From how he/she walks to their colloquial tone, our uniqueness creates that crave to be around one another. I love the fact that she keeps it light and simple with her lyrics, yet, every line is direct with intent.

Although a new artist on the scene, Lowe is in her own lane within the pop realm. It doesn't stray too far away sonically, creating that balance to maintain a widespread audience. They shine a light on how it feels when you get to be around your favorite person. Lowe’s voice is smooth as hell, which makes it sound so effortlessly when she slides on this song. Sometimes, what tastes good does not mean it's good for you though, as she articulately puts it. Overall, this was a solid track and I hope to see more from these two in the near future.

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