Lu Wright- What I like (Track Review)

Written by Chris Yangello

It’s no secret that music comes in all genres, styles, and personalities. Many artist in the music industry are respected for their unique cultural talent, artist identity, and of course, the music they produce by itself. One of the best parts about this versatility in music is that each person likes something different. While you may enjoy jazz music, your best friend may be more of an R&B fan. However, it’s extremely rewarding when you come across an artist that is liked by both you and your friends.

After playing music from an artist I like, my friends were just as in tuned with it as I was. This artist’s name is Lu Wright. Lu Wright is one of the most talented artists I’ve come across in recent time. With a new 2021 release titled “What I Like,” Lu Wright’s career is just starting to take off. Her vocals on the track entertain a feeling of relaxation, while still invoking the listener get off their feet and enjoy every second of the music. Personally, I love Lu Wright’s creativeness and her soothing voice. Her music is exactly what I was looking for, coming from someone who typically only listens to hip-hop every day. If you’re looking for a great artist to add to your playlists, Lu Wright is the artist for you. Check her out on Spotify using the link below!

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