Luis Angel (SwanoDown Report)

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Individualized aesthetic, confidence, and charisma are all attributes of artists we endear. Let's be honest, there's a level of interest and vicarious pull, with artists we follow and have an affinity for. Their approach to life and how they maneuver themselves adds a certain level of mystique and allure to their persona. And, isn’t that one of the reasons we love them? 

if you take a look at Houston-based musician, Luis Angel, you’ll find all of the aforementioned qualities. Not to mention, his songs like “Yo se Bien,” and “A Tu Manera” are all pieces that’ll get you off your feet and attach some energy to your day. But, just like most of us Luis goes through his own struggles and doubts. In an interview with News Headline (US), Angel stated:

“It hasn’t been a smooth ride, there has been a great deal of learning. The vast majority contemplates making music and putting it out however that is not the truth of things. Except if you have a tutor managing you at all times likely, it will be unpleasant.”

The vulnerability shown it that statement is the same you’ll find is some of his more laid back tracks, like “Contigo.” Angel is an artist with levels of diversity, and is continuously grinding towards his desired space. 

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