Luken- Beyoncé Knows (Acoustic) [Track Review]

Written by Imani Wj Wright

"I knew looks could kill already, but now I know looks could also make you broke."

I'll get straight to it. I'm highly impressed with the songwriting, vocal, and instrumental abilities of Luken. From my experience, good voices come a dime a dozen. Though, it's not too often I come by an artist who undoubtedly has the entire musical package. Luken's immense talent exudes in his acoustic single, "Beyonce Knows".

There's no place for Luken to hide on this record. There aren't any shaking 808s or thumping drum patterns to drown the sound, there isn't an A-list feature to shift the attention- nope, just a man and his guitar. With Luken's voice directly in the forefront, there isn't much room for error. His performance is passionate, confident, and full of purpose. Every note sang and every string strummed was written and performed with undoubted intent.

His pen and composing shine on this record as well. He cleverly plays on Beyoncé Knowles' last name in the hook, singing: "... Girls might just really run the world, I don't know, but I'm pretty sure Beyoncé knows." This is simultaneously an allusion to Knowles' smash single "Run the World".

Towards the latter half of the song, Luken says "Truth is I'm just insecure. Can you point me to the drugs? I just need to calm my nerves." This is followed by the guitar slowing down and symbolizing Luken's high and/or even the drugs actually soothing him as he attempts to "self medicate" his insecurities.

We're looking forward to more of Luken's work here at SwanoDown. This guy has superstar qualities.


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