Luuvis- High (Track Review)

Written by Miles Monroe II 

Whoever the singer is on High, she really took control of this track and destroyed it. Credit to Luuvis for creating an instrumental that was perfect for her voice. It allowed her to flex vocal prowess on this song, as it is sensual as a tune can get. High, can double for a cut in the bedroom, as well as a smoking session. 

I’m just in love with her voice- it wouldn’t have mattered what she said on the song. Within the first minute, I was sold after she said “Cloud 9.” The production on High, is insane. Luuvis was most certainly in his bag on this one. I think this a combo deserving of a full project.

On High, we experience the yearning for reaching a certain level that can’t be matched. Beyond marijuana, it’s the high that we get when we are with the person we love/lust for. Sometimes that can be a good or bad addiction, depending on what you are looking for.

Lemme know if you can take it

Lemme know if we can get naked

Damn, it’s almost as if she takes control and eases up on the control at the same time. Those lines can go either way and I’m here for it. Luuvis has a song that brings back the old feel of R&B with a new school twist. 

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