Mabelle Prior (SwanoDown Report)

Written by Jeffrey Wright 

In the contoured vestiges of Europe, there is Switzerland in the formidable shadows of the Swiss Alps, where there is a trajectory, but there is also a plateau. A plateau that is flattened by glaciered ice, just as humanity is flattened by its frigid interactions. But, the Alps tell us a story, a narrative of a dichotomous spirit that often cannabilizes itself, like the madness of sick and kindred flesh eaters. 

For Mabelle Prior, this is home, as such as it is. Again, this is the benign juxtaposition of her personal existence. Contrarily, what forces Mabelle to heave is a maligned existence that pits humanity against each other with one omnipresent, which  like pigs, trough through the hearts of men like the most inglorious of meals. 

White. In a terse structure, white has no meaning without contextuality, as it sits on a gray fence waiting for others to denote it. However and quite curiously, some have taken this color and converted it into an unbridled power grab, alongside a fanciful manifest destiny ideologue. This color dogma is pervading and unrelenting and seems to minituarize any who attempt to rise above its canopic wrath. 

Prior is aware that these color contenders seek to impinge on the aspirations of all. But, do whites, who are motivated by this deathstyle, adhere to any semblance of the humanity that they wish to espouse? Prior thinks not. Instead, Prior wants them to know that they are not in control, impenetrable nor omniscient. For Prior, the reality is that their humanity will be best known by its acts of humanity. Acts that empower people, uplift earth and relent to purpose and not power. 

So, if  you plan to visit the Alps and are drawn by the frigidity of its white surface. Remember, and always remember, the whiteness is a mere color- nothing more, nothing less. 

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