Magz- Sorry (Track Review)

Written by Imani Wj Wright

Photo by bdspitz

Music has the capability to evoke an assortment of emotions from us. Isn't that one of the reasons we gravitate towards it? They're sounds for almost every occasion and mood imaginable. Want to feel sad? Got it. Going jogging? Check. Wedding day? No problem. 

While I was listening to Sorry by Magz, I walked through a portal of reactions. The opening guitar's beauty had me in a bit of a trance. The notes were consistently driving, and stayed on that pace for the duration of the piece. The track’s production was pretty minimalistic, and fit the style that Magz precipitated on this composition. 

The overall sound quality of this piece also allows the listener to grasp its full breadth. I'm referring to the song's engineering, more-so than the art in this case. The sound is genuinely crisp. 

Once Magz' vocals enter the picture, everything is in place. The instrumentation and cleanliness of the sound has groomed the listeners' ears. Her voice is subtle and melodic, as she sings: "It’s me again, sorry. I came to ruin this- party." 

Her songwriting on Sorry is creative and vulnerable. Definitely worth a listen. 

Check it out:

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