MAIKA- Dive (Reprise) [Track Review]

Written by Grayson Jones

Not everyone knows what it means for a piece to be referred to as reprised. A reprise is a repeated portion of a composition. If you have ever watched Beauty and the Beast, Be Our Guest is a great example of the power in repetition. The coolest thing about repetition in music is the opportunity to explore. Dive,  is the classic story of a what people call a ‘full send.’ When I say full send, I mean you go head first and do something with your best foot forward and no limitations.The more I listen to MAIKA, the more I feel obligated to imply that he isn’t heartbroken– he’s madly adventurous. 

He’s vouching for himself to this woman, telling her that if she commits, it’ll be worth her while. You really feel there’s a message in the lyrics saying that “if you stay afloat everything will be all right... you gotta dive right in.” Those five words at the end are put in such a powerful format, you can grasp by the production and enticing elements in the track that this artist did not come to play. As if this song couldn’t have ended better, they have a short vamp with the lyrics “Rain down on me. You’re pulling me in, you’re pulling me in, rain down on me.” That really brings into perspective that the ‘rain’ makes the ’dive’ possible. Such great song writing here.

Check out MAIKA’s Dive (Reprise), out now:

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