Manana- Euphoria (Track Review)

Written by Kayla Allen 

I hope you are ready to be open, because Manana has beat us there. 

As soon as his single ‘Euphoria’ comes on, you will feel his fire, by fire I mean his intense passion for his lover. So intense that it’s almost as if he is singing to the listener directly. The vulnerability captured through his voice along with his lyricism helps us quickly understand that this love is new and exhilarating! “I’m in a state of euphoria, it’s new I never felt this way before.” Yes, all things come to an end but this song in particular gives us motivation to love whoever we choose for however long it is possible. Manana is expressing his love unapologetically. 

Listen closely to the second verse he says “I don’t know how this happened, you make my life so sweet,” it is apparent that this bliss snuck up on him, but overall, he is overjoyed to be experiencing this relationship. He has a way of putting words together to make you feel and even visualize his love language. Manana has been a treat to listen to! When you listen to his single ‘Euphoria’ make sure you light some candles and snuggle up with your boo, show some appreciation for love!

Check out Euphoria by Manana:


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