mango_bone- Edges of Neon (Track Review)

Written by Miles Monroe II

I remember being in Grandma's Saturn all the time because I used to live at her house growing up. Every time we were in the car, she always kept the station on WDAS, a smooth jazz radio station. It was always a mellow vibe and something I payed attention to. mango_bone’s, Edges of Neon is an instrumental that damn near takes me back to being that little boy in the back seat with braids. Even though it isn’t fully jazz, this is a piece that doesn’t need words, the music speaks for itself. It has elements of house music inserted into it, giving us that uptempo jazz club vibe we didn’t know we needed.

Edges of Neon is an instrumental that you will be glad is 7 minutes in length. You can sit back and let the music take you to a good place and a peace of mind. The effects used, as well, bring some diversity to the track and adds more sauce throughout. There will never be a lot to say about an instrumental, but this is one that send your ears floating on clouds. Every instrument does their job well and the pace picks up midway through, something to keep the listener alert and ready to groove. 

Check it out:

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