Manny Mclaren (SwanoDown Report)

Reported by SwanoDown

You can consider Manny Mclaren a veteran in the game just based on the people hes worked with, not always as the artist but more on the business side. That has all changed now, hes moving forward with his artist career and dropping some music that is seperating himself from the over saturation in the music industry.

Manny has worked with A boogie with Da hoodie, Migos, Tyla Yaweh, London on the track, off the wall producer OTW407, young Gambino, easy money jav rippa, DeLaHoya and other major artist.
His new song “Never Say Sorry” draws inspiration from peers like A Boogie, Lil Tjay, etc, while still staying true to his art. The production is almost like a happy- ambient anthem, with hard hitting production, Manny declares war against anybody in his way.. thus leading to the title “Never Say Sorry.” 

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