Manpreet Kundi- no one (Track Review)

Written by Chris Yangello 

I’ve always loved the thrill of discovering a new artist that, as a fan, you can be passionate about.

So, as a need for quarantine has slowly been on the rise again, I’ve found myself with ample spare time to research and learn about up-and-coming artists that are looking to make a name for themselves. Through this search, I’ve been fortunate enough to discover some extremely talented individuals.

Recently, I've come across an artist by the name of Manpreet Kundi, and I cannot say enough about them. While their steadily blooming career continues to work its way through the ropes of the music industry, Manpreet’s music carries itself well to tell its own story. In a released track titled “no one”, Kundi showcases just how far her vocal talent can take her. It’s not often that you find an up-and-coming artist to be so genuine through the lyrics of their music.

While everyone’s taste of music is different, the character trait of genuineness isn’t.

One thing that any listener could agree on is that Kundi is one of the most real artists that you will come across in your search of music. If you’re looking for the next big artist to add to your roster, then please be sure to check out Manpreet Kundi, more specifically her recent release titled “no one” available on Spotify now using the link attached below.

Take a listen:

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