Manuel Garay Ft. Joshua Benjamin- Wait A Minute (Track Review)

Written by Grayson Jones 

As a disclaimer, I am no maestro when it comes to critiquing Indie pop, yet, I always tilt my best ear forward. There's a negative stigma that comes with ‘Pop’ that can cause one to believe that a mainstream sound must come with.  ‘Wait a minute’ is responsible for the better side of Pop that is personal to the world but popular to those who listen.  

The track comes from London and Munich- a sophisticated sound mixed with lyrical twists.When I hear guitar melodies like the one you hear throughout the chorus, I think of a sunrise in the United Kingdom. You just cannot get that here - in the U.S- every corner has a store and every street has some establishment that wants your dollar. Not saying I like one better than the other, I am saying that the simplicity you hear from the production done by Joshua is something that can only come from them. 

They are more commonly referred to as Joshua Benjamin and Manual Garay. Both are producers who make a name for themselves by dishing out great music from a range of different styles. I prefer not to discuss any more of them in hopes I encourage you to stream their songs. Out on all platforms is "Wait a Minute."

Check it out:

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