Maria Lidze (SwanoDown Report)

Reported by Imani Wj Wright 

There's a reason people use art as a resource to "free their minds" and truly express themselves. In a world where certain boundaries, doubts, and rules can hinder us, they truly don't apply when it comes to art. There aren't any lines that creators necessarily have to stay in-between. So when you see an artist like Maria Lidze who can seamlessly flow and adapt to several different sounds and styles, she becomes the quintessential example of an artist. 

If you listen and watch the music video to her single, Fire Fox, you see a full performer. Maria is dressed in costume, executing choreography, and singing alongside an instrumental that'll keep you on your feet. She develops a fun experience for her audience. But then, you check out her piece, Human, and one could question if it is even the same artist. It surely is. Maria takes us on an introspective and tranquil journey while singing to us here. In regards to "Human," Maria told SwanoDown:

"As this song is about love, I wanted to portray that the mystery of love and human behavior can sometimes give you freedom/happiness or make you feel trapped and unhappy. As the song is uplifting and dreamy the contrast to the lyrics are sad. Wanted to show that your happiness is the most important thing there is and that you do not need anyone to make you feel happy and to accept you for who you are, especially if they are blind and don’t see it."

We look forward to what Maria will be releasing to the world next, as we're told it will have a Jazzy slant. Her path is one we plan to enjoy. 

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