Marian Hill ft. Yung Baby Tate- oOo that's my type (Track Review)

Written by Kayla Allen 

This next track is so unique and playful. The single is called “oOo that’s my type” by Marian Hill featuring Yung Baby Tate. Marian sings shamelessly about the taste she acquires in a partner and she has a level of confidence to envy. The ladies are running the show this time around. Marian brings her smooth vocals and witty lyrics. Yung Baby Tate added necessary fuel to this emo hip hop flame. We appreciate that Marian pushes the limit when it comes to the usual alternative sound.

I enjoyed the music video to “oOo that’s my type” thoroughly, it was just as playful and glamorous as I could imagine. Marian and Baby Tate are giving serious looks while cruising around the city searching for their types. The video was very well put together, sensual and comedic. She created a single that we can hold on to and this is the first single for her upcoming album. This track is sexy and a sure win for the lady listeners. Marian Hill is taking her time with her craft so make sure you keep up and add “oOo that’s my type” to your music library.

Check it out:

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