Mark Hamilton- Nutshell (Alice in Chains Cover) [Track Review]

Written by Grayson Jones

Zoning out somewhere is me, listening to Mark Hamilton.

Nutshell by Alice in Chains is a piece covered by Mr. Hamilton with high expectations for those who appreciate the sound. This piece delivers imagery and inspiration to the everyday listener. Acoustics from a guitar, bass and a light tambourine create imagery of a prairie or a long desert road. This southern feel comes from the bass and tambourine tap on the two-and-four of the beat you hear.

Segments with the electric guitar as wide and vibrant as the vocals, create a pocket in the piece that lets interpretation ensue from the listener. The piece is not longer than 5 minutes and in that time, you can get a good meditation in, you can read to your child, you can reminisce how far you've come along a journey. This song provides me with an outlet for a distinct set of feelings and can only help me imagine what it can do for you. 

Mark Hamilton had been establishing his name in stellar fashion during the year of 2020. With 2.4 million streams across 91 countries, one could only imagine the relatability of this artist's music around the map. His covers are also splashes of his personality with bands like Nirvana and Linkin Park, these early 2000’s late 90’s hits will bring back nostalgia and excitement to the new discovered artist. Mark Hamilton. Check out one of his many covers- on all platforms now!

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