SwanoDown SitDown w/ Mark Pelli- She's Got What I Need

Written by Imani Wj Wright 

Mark Pelli, an accomplished Singer-songwriter from Canada, has released a new single titled: She's Got What I Need. You may be familiar with Mark as a member of the charting Pop-Reggae group, MAGIC!. He's a co-writer on their track, Rude, the ninth best selling song of 2014 with 8,600,000 units sold.

Just three seconds into the piece, we hear Mark's reposeful voice glide over the instrumentation, singing: "She's got what I need, when I am with her, I can't get enough…" There is a feeling of intimacy heard in this piece, not just between Mark and his love interest, but with Mark and the audience. It feels like you're watching a moment unfold between two lovers. From the drums, to the songwriting, to Mark's voice… this piece has the makings of something you'd hear in a blockbuster Romance film. 

Mark told SwanoDown: 

"I co-wrote She’s Got What I Need with my good buddy TJ Whitelaw from Toronto. He’s an amazing guitar player and we were just hanging out that day and decided to write a song over this riff he was playing. Admittedly, a lot of the sweet lyrical perspective on this song came from him. On a personal level, whether a song is autobiographical or not, it’s always my hope that a listener will emotionally connect to it and find some meaning- whether that’s from the lyrics themselves or perhaps the culmination of all sonic components that make it up."

As the song progresses, it begins to pick up some emotive steam. Mark goes into detail about why "they actually fit together" and how she makes him "feel at peace."  During this time, the guitar is steadily- but subtly, coinciding with Mark's vocals. He mentions his love interest's touch, lips, and kisses… furthermore, describing her eyes as "stars on a beautiful night."

With so many particular feelings compacted within 3 minutes and 30 seconds, SwanoDown asked Mark to describe how he attempts to display those feelings successfully while developing a song. 

Mark responded: 

"...I suppose there’s no way to necessarily guarantee that a song will have emotional impact. But, certain things remain true today just as they were years ago- themes of love gained and love lost resonate with people. You can take someone on a roller coaster with your music but it has to engage them and they need to be down to ride. Having dynamic sections that have their peaks and valleys is important too. In some ways by heavily compressing your audio you slightly diminish the pallet of emotions that are available. Not sure if that makes any sense... it’s more than just the lyrics themselves that seem to capture listeners..."

Listen to She's Got What I Need: 


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