Maro- carsick (Track Review)

Written by Grayson Jones 

"Carsickby Maro is an around the clock song. Dragging me by the ear is the musical structure of this song. Very faint kick in the bass reminds me of stereotypical elevator music. Its ‘flavor’ comes from the acoustics from a guitar with a playful melody.

This song is full of playful moments, one being a woman taking maro for an emotional ride. Just like any love song, somebody’s pain is perceived more than the other.

They say pain is a lack of understanding. What’s more painful than the nauseating experience from emotional instability? 

This song was not a favorite of mine from Maro, but was very well needed. I believe there is a special demographic in the world that worship Maro- like Canada worships Drake, but he just doesn't know it. 

As a musician with vocals and instrumentation as his best qualities there is very little he cannot do. Even the visuals for this song were colorful and put an image in my head that cannot be undone, once I hear this song. Contingent is a word I would use to describe what type of music this is. Not because of the lyrics but because tracks with personality, color, and hindsight are hard to come by. I suggest we do our part and give credit where credit is due. 

 Out now, Carsick:

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