Mary Moore- Cold Hands - Stripped (Track Review)

Written by Miles Monroe II

What a way to say, you’re just the side piece?

This vocal driven song details what it’s like to have a friend with benefits, while having a main girlfriend/boyfriend. It’s Future-level toxic, but I’m not mad at it though– it’s brutally honest. Cold Hands - Stripped is the latest single from Mary Moore and is the second version to the pop single of the same name. This stripped version gets down to the meat and potatoes of what the song is about. Mary showcases her vocal range and puts emphasis on certain lyrics that we might’ve missed on the pop version. The attention to detail in all the ways two people who are doing dirt and don’t care is plain as day. 

You’re just something warm in the middle of the night

That’s super cold to say, but if both parties aren’t involving feelings into their situationship, who’s it really hurting?

The toxicity level amps up when she yearns for his presence because she can’t be alone. How can you warm up cold hands when the person is forever cold? I’m amazed by her songwriting ability and her presence on this track as well. You do not want to sleep on such a beautiful song such as Cold Hands. 

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