Massiahg (SwanoDown Report)

Reported by Imani Wj Wright

"It's the mentality I'm keeping. You could never stop it." - Massiahg

You know, there are several benefits that art can play in our lives. I could hone in on several art forms, but let’s focus on music for the time being. Music has the ability to motivate us when we need some passion, and console us when we’re in an emotional slump. This goes for the listeners, and the creators. And as I sit here and think about it, one of the purest assets of music may be the
freedom that it entails. This pertains for both sides, the listeners have the right to interpret and develop whatever feelings they accrue, as the artists have the space to manipulate sounds the way they see fit. While listening to Massiahg's project, AGAINST THE GRAINS, it's clear that Massiahg is incredibly in-touch with his artistry. 

When the intro track "CHAKRAS," comes on, the atmosphere of this project is set. Massiahg's foreground and background approach show fearlessness. He holds nothing back with his fum but rigorous background assertions. They add a certain level of intensity to each line. He doesn't let up, this stays for the duration of the project. That is just one example of his overall steadfastness and dedication to his sound.

"Don't need credit or approval." 

We also hear diversity in this projection. The instrumentals are not stagnant, and they carry several different styles of sound and elements. You hear heavy Trap bass on this project, but you also hear RnB Soul samples of Al Green. There is no fear heard on AGAINST THE GRAIN, and it can light a fire inside of you. 

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