Matt McLean- Stealing Rims (Track Review)

Written by Samuel Nichols

Chicago-based songwriter Matt McLean’s newest single “Stealing Rims” serves as a near-anthemic piece on going one’s own way in this world, the optimism to be found in starting over, and beginning a new stage in life. Although, without a defined goal, he knows where to go. Even if this means discarding the past that he holds onto and holds onto him, McLean intends to follow his own rules. “The best is yet to come,” he says, so why stick around?

This untroubled yet determined attitude in letting go of the past and heading towards a bright future is bound to catch the hearts of listeners. As Spring gives way to Summer, people will relate to that blooming sense of freedom and desire to move on. The song’s driving punk beat, emo attitude, and indie/pop spirit guarantees it will be the soundtrack to endless summer night drives— if not define them.

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