Matt Storm x Ivan Hartle- More To Find (Track Review)

Written by Miles Monroe II

Matt Storm and Ivan Hartle tap into the psyche of people who are still soul searching or finding their place in the world, on More to Find. People are known to get in their own way of success, whether through their mind or their actions, it is bound to happen. On More to Find, we get comfortable with those inner fears that place on ourselves. These are some of the reasons we may stay stagnant in life, relying on the past to get us through the present and future. 

The future is always going to have a big question mark around it, that’s why it’s called the future. We cannot predict it, but we can put plans into action to ensure the best possible outcome. Both Matt and Ivan are as smooth as can be, with their hypnotizing sound on an instrumental that is perfect for a late night drive on the highway. They perfectly lay out all the scenarios we play in our heads, trying to figure life out. Matt and Ivan hit the nail on the head with their words, which I’m sure will connect with a lot of their fans. This will also be a comfort song for them and encourage them to never live in fear of the past or in the past itself. The message was received loud and clear by Matt Storm and Ivan Hartle, a song to ring in the new year with. 

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