Matt Welch- Two Reasons (Track Review)

Written by Grayson Jones 

Two Reasons was made somewhere between space and beyond. The artist responsible? Matt Welch; singer, songwriter, soloist, and producer. The benefits of having your hand involved in every part of a song’s production are the emotions that can be captured, retained, but rarely misinterpreted.

This piece begins like the beginning of a movie- Big drums (possibly timpani), phasers and risers. After being taken to this 70’s space-themed environment, I was introduced to a duet. The chorus had the feature, Mia Bee with Matt, singing in tandem. Separately but together, these two fit the tone of the song gently. Each voice is strong and in tune with their respective key. One of my favorite parts of the song were the transitions from chorus to verse. Simple and very small compared to the whole track, but like I said earlier, maintaining that emotion can hold a piece together. 

Matt has his foot in a few doors, just holding them open. The artist leads a band named, The Good Minus, to add onto his portfolio of music and leadership. Sometimes the best route to becoming a star is as many as possible. I hope the career Matt Welch makes for himself is as wholesome as his music. I won’t say that he’s a rising star just yet, but know he is getting better by the track. Two reasons out now on all platforms!!

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