Maude Latour- One More Weekend (Track Review)

Written by Miles Monroe II 

This is your typical relationship roundabout, where one weekend with your soulmate feels like an eternity. The thought of that feeling being completely tossed away hurts, and you don’t want to think about it, yet it happens anyway. Now, you are in scramble mode to pick up the pieces of whatever’s left of your heart. "One More Weekend," by Maude Latour expresses this sentiment in more ways than one. I really enjoyed this track, as it divulged into the crux of young relationships when there is time apart from one another. Summer just so happens to be the time where time doesn’t stand still. The parties are endless and life is our oyster.

“I guess my memories get better with a distance”

This particular line stuck with me- certain memories never fade. Even as time goes by, unforgettable events with unforgettable people will rear its ugly head at some point. We always want "one more" since special moments last forever. This reminds me of teenagers who finally get together after years of pretending not to like each other. After they hang out for a while, they realize it’s the end of senior year and they’ve wasted time and opportunity to become a couple.

Maude Latour presents this subject matter in such a way that it could be the glue to a scene in a movie. We all wish for just one more weekend to create special moments and on One More Weekend, the special moments are endless. 

Check it out:

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