Mauro Valdemi ft. Joan Alasta- Without You (Track Review)

Written by Imani Wj Wright 

This joint is tailor-made to be one of your favorite radio stations.

I may have understated that. Without You , has all the qualities of being a hit. Have you ever turned on a song, and it just had that sound? Maybe you can't put your finger directly on what it is, but you know it's something the masses will enjoy. Those were my first reactions while listening to this piece. Mauro Valdemi & Joan Alasta create a commerical-friendly soundscape via electronic-esque melodies, and fluent vocal deliveries on "Without You."

"I'm alone in my car, tryna' find a reason why. But I'm crying. Now you're gone." 

Those lines can be relatable to so many. Joan sings them with such believability. It feels like she had just mustered the strength to express her thoughts, following a heartbreak. Her tone throughout the composition shows a keen sense of her professionalism. Beyond the notes, lyrics, and rhythms- conveying a mood is just as significant. 

Mauro does a great job creating the musical atmosphere. The instrumental melodies, and full percussion on this piece create a holistic experience for the listener. Even the composition's transitions between phrases are clea . 

Check it out:

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