Mazen Awad- Slide (Track Review)

Written by Grayson Jones 

Mazen Awad started to build a musical brand not too long ago, and has already begun to make his mark. On instagram you would think that his following does not follow his work ethic, tenacity, or passion for his music. Numbers don't lie, except when they are about Mazen. New school artists typically have a solid grasp on networking just like Mazen- which isn't needed for him.  

The rhyme scheme of ‘synergy flowing through my wings it’s heavenly’ really resonates with you. A gentle touch can come in many forms. Without a better understanding of something subjective as music, we can never understand what Mazen really does. That's what's so interesting about Slide - being smooth has everything to do with it.  

Taking this tpo literal will get you in a position like Mazen- rhythmically seducing compositions. Only thing I can't understand is...563 followers!?! Mazen Awad’s Instagram is @mazenawad_, By the time you read this I expect you to be over there pressing that button.”Stop playin’ with em'. You would Imagine that the following will be correlated to the social rating of the artist but aftet showing Mazen to a few friends we all agreed he's a 5/5. All these numbers add up but one. Make it happen, @mazenawad_.

This guy's a great artist.

Take a listen:

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