mazii- Land of the broken hearts (Track Release)

Written by Imani Wj Wright 

This dude mazii is quite the talent. Though, I don't make that statement for reasons you may imagine.

You know, like, immense vocal range, amazing production, crazy solos. No, none of that is shown. But- his confidence, and unapologetic delivery is what piqued our interest at SwanoDown. 

The engineering on mazii's "Land of the broken hearts" (LOBH) is evidently Lo-fi, and appears to be produced with real intent. And for mazii's style, I wouldn't have wanted it any other way. This piece is grimy but smooth, chill but charismatic... Many juxtapositions are prevalent here, and work to damn near Lo-fi perfection. 

LOBH also gave us a glimpse at mazii's out-of-pocket lyricism. Don't have the kids around for this one. But id you're of age, this joint can be quite fun. At times, I evej laughed at mazii's approach to his love interest. This guy is creative, bold, and filled up a bunch of potential.

Check out Land of the broken hearts:


  • OqkBpyPI


  • xAoDqbWQgd


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