Me, Charles- Stupid Boy (Track Review)

Written by Miles Monroe II

You guys are going to want to put this song on your playlist with fire music that nobody knows.
Me, Charles feeds our soul with his latest track, Stupid Boy. Although listed as alternative, I hear different elements of R&B and Jazz that give this piece such a calming feel. The song brings you to a place of comfort and peace that you couldn’t find anywhere else. While it may be hard to decipher the vocals, there is something to be said about the tone that is used throughout the track. There is a sort of sadness within Charles’ tone that sets the mood and guides you through the vision he wants us to see. He creates that feeling, a relatable one to people who may have self-esteem troubles. This could be a song to help people get through and realize they’re not alone.

Stupid Boy is part of a project that Me, Charles has recently released titled, Like and Share. Based off the title alone, it seems geared towards the strength that social media holds in our lives. This song fits right in with the concept of the album, a relevant idea is spreading awareness about the need for other people’s approval. I suggest checking out this song and his new album as well. 

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