Medium Build- 99 Corolla (Track Review)

Written by Imani Wj Wright 

This track has all the attributes needed to be enjoyable.

There's a high level of professionalism all throughout the track. From the start, it's clear that time was taken aside to ensure the quality of this piece. Each sound is clean, crisp, and clear. Oh, and how could I forget?The sound resonates with warmth. My headphones felt like a subtle hum was roaming around once Medium Build's vocals entered. 

On "99 Corolla" by Medium Build, he gives us solid songwriting, funky guitar, and vivid songwriting. There aren't many lines here that you won't be able to visualize or apply to your own self-made storyline. Medium manages to fit a 2-hour cinema within a 2:48 tune. 

We're very impressed at SwanoDown. Surely looking forward to hearing more from Medium Build in the future. 

Check out 99 Corolla:

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