Meet “The Middleman” Dr. Gary DDS - Selling Dental Practices Nationwide [Report]

Reported by SwanoDown

Montvale, NJ: Dental practice sales can be stressful, emotional and filled with questions. When a dentist decides to retire and sell their dental practice to another dentist or DSO - or dental support organization, they want to make sure that it is sold to someone that will continue maintaining the values and traditions that they haveestablished for many years.

“While there are many great dental brokers, few have the pulse or real understanding on how a DSO operates”, says Dr. Gary DDS of Health Care Practice Sales LLC ofMontvale, NJ. As a dentist for over 25 years with 3 offices and a dental broker for over 11 years, Dr. Gary is considered the “middleman” in both private and DSO dental practice office transitions. His brokered transactions include both non-DS0 and DSO transactions. His reputation in the non DSO market, which he primarily participated in to date, has gotten the attention of the leading DS0 clients, and now he fully serves both of these growing markets.

He is available 363 days a year, 7 days a week and is the temperature checker of the deal who can relate to the emotional and often confusing process of selling a dental practice with many moving parts and unforeseen circumstances. He has also been given the nickname by his peers of “The DSO Whisperer” due to his exceptional understanding of the DSO business model. Due to demand, Health Care Practice Sales LLC is rapidlyexpanding across the United States - especially in the Southwest and the entire Eastern seaboard. In order to continually maintain the highest level of client satisfaction, he employs 2 full time CPA accountants and a dedicated support staff.

Dr. Gary also creates informative podcasts and videos weekly on the entire dental practice sales process which can be heard on his podcast channel and viewed on his YouTube channel “We give information in real time based on actual dental practices sales and transitions that are occurring - so the information that we provide is always fresh and relatable”.

To learn more about Dr. Gary and his dental practice brokerage business, visit or call him at 201-663-0935.

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