Mekfly ft. Cujo- Stuck Inside (Track Review)

Written by Miles Monroe II

The song title is fitting for the year that we've been through with quarantining. Beyond that, Mekfly and Cujo can’t wait for someone to come by and provide the much needed company in a time where most of our days are consumed inside. Stuck Inside, is a uptempo track that displays the sentiments of being together with a special someone. Being stuck inside with that person would damn near be the best thing to happen due to the chemistry which exists between the two.

In these uncertain times, you should always be able to spend it with a person who can provide energy and a specific presence that you’ll never get tired of. Anybody who is lucky to have that one person will feel this way. This is a stray from the hip hop we are used to listening to, but it’s a refreshing sound because it’s not just a beat machine and autotune. We get real genuine artists with an idea that everyone can relate to. Cujo really shines and has breakout potential with her featured verse. Mekfly crafted a song that is playable for all ages and can cross genres. I fully encourage everyone to check him out, you won’t be disappointed. 

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