Melisa Morrow (SwanoDown Report)

Reported by Jeffrey Wright

Melisa Morrow, a 32 year-old mother with an adorable 7 year-old son, Jaxon, faced some life changing decisions during the onset of the pandemic. Prior to Covid, for the previous 10 years, she worked in the telecommunication industry with Sprint, as a successful trainer and location manager. 

She thought that her position was secure with Sprint, as a supposed essential worker, but that safetynet soon dissipated, and like so many other millions, she found herself sidelined. Home. 

But for Morrow, home is really home: remember 7 year-old Jaxon?

Yes, she was home but not a homebody. With her new sense of opportunity and freedom, she began to use her creative influences to innovate and to sustain and build her own life. She began to grab and pile up everything in her home that she could get hands on. 

For sale! Melisa used platforms, such as Poshmark, Offerup and Mercari to usher in money and to boost her confidence, as an entrepreneur. 

Remember Jaxon? Yes, he too, became part of the magic, while learning valuable and lifelong skills like, math calculations (Jaxon is great with math), perseverance and creativity. 

So, this is a partnership of mother and son, and a mother providing  her son with the independent mindset of a productive leader. 

Part of the uniqueness of Melisa's marketplace is that you're not merely consuming, but you're also helping to produce the actualization of future dreams for others. It is the best of both worlds. 

As Melisa pursues her business, she does so with a passion for uplifting her community, including, men, women and children, and do I need to say who else?

She sells vintage tees, family wear and books. However, she really enjoys selling books, as she realizes the positive effects that it will have on children and their intellectual well-being. 

To learn more, Melisa welcomes your questions about e-commerce, sustainability and the general question of beginning your own business. 

Take a sprint with Melisa. She did. And, go Jaxon!

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